Tutorials 1 - 18

Tutorial 1

Introduction to the Knitables tutorials

Tutorial 2

Making a slip knot and casting on

Tutorial 3

Knit stitch and the Inc 1 stitch

Tutorial 4

Purl stitch and stockinette stitch

Tutorial 5

Increasing and the m1 stitch

Tutorial 6

K2tog and SSK decrease stitches

Tutorial 7

Turn and sl1 stitch

Tutorial 8

P2tog and SSP decrease stitches

Tutorial 9

B&T and short cut mattress stitch

Tutorial 10

Changing yarn colour

Tutorial 11

Weaving and working a gathering thread

Tutorial 12

Stuffing, moulding and shaping

Tutorial 13

Casting off purlwise

Tutorial 14

Short rows

Tutorial 15

Making up the teddy's head

Tutorial 16

Making up the teddy's body

Tutorial 17

Colourwork or intarsia knitting

Tutorial 18

Picking up stitches to make sleeves

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