What size are the teddies and do all the clothes fit all the teddies?

The majority of the Knit a Teddy animals and dolls measure approximately 38cm (15in) when standing, although some of the animals, such as the giraffe and lion, are slightly taller. Please refer to the individual listings for the exact sizes. The clothes are designed to fit all the animals and dolls, although some of the hats may not fit some of the animals. The clothes also fit shop bought 15in teddy bears.

Are your patterns suitable for a beginner?

Although my patterns only use basic knitting techniques, most contain some shaping and colourwork. However, if you take things slowly and follow the instructions row-by-row, then you should have no problems. You could download one of my free patterns (cupcake or pumpkin) to see if my patterns would be suitable. I have also produced a range of tutorials which explain the stitches and techniques that I use in my patterns.

What is included in the pattern?

endeavour to design patterns that are clear and easy to follow. Every pattern has:

  • a guide to the knitting abbreviations and techniques used
  • a list of the materials and the original yarns used
  • row by row instructions
  • lots of photographs to help you complete your project
  • instructions on how to make up the finished toy

All patterns are written in English and use English knitting terminology.

Are your patterns knitted flat on straight needles or in the round?

All my patterns are knitted flat on straight needles, although I believe that the majority of my patterns could be converted to knitting in the round. I appreciate that a lot of people do not like seaming, but I wanted beginner knitters to enjoy my patterns and knitting in the round can be tricky!

I've followed the pattern, but why is the number of stitches on my needle not the same as that stated in the pattern?

Please check the abbreviations list, especially when it comes to increasing. Most knitters are aware that the 'Inc 1' method uses an existing stitch to make another stitch, but the 'm1' method doesn't require an existing stitch to make a new one. It is worked in between two stitches, creating the new stitch from the strand of yarn which lies between the two stitches. Unfortunately, the two methods are not interchangeable and if a knitter tries to use the 'Inc 1' method instead of the 'm1', it doesn't work. There aren't enough stitches on the knitting needle to 'Inc 1' and the end of row stitch count is not the same as specified in the pattern. 

What sewing method do you use when making up your projects?

I ​sew most seams with a 'short cut' mattress stitch, which is explained in my tutorials. It is worked from the right side of the knitting and all my patterns have a one stitch seam allowance added to accommodate this. If you use this method the seam is virtually invisible.

How do I purchase patterns?

All my knitting patterns are available in PDF format to download immediately, store on your computer and print off as required. To purchase a single pattern click 'buy now' or for multiple purchases click 'buy more patterns'. You will then be directed to the shopping cart facility. You can also purchase my patterns on Ravelry, LoveCraft and Etsy. If you have any concerns about your purchase please do not hesitate to contact me.

Do you offer a discount on multiple pattern purchases?

If you sign up for the Knitables newsletter on the home page you will receive a 20% discount code which you can use on your first order via my website. I try to keep my patterns reasonably priced so I am unable to offer any further discounts.

Why has VAT been added to my order? 

From 1st January 2015, digital sales to countries in the European Union are required to have VAT added to their order, at the tax rate of the country in which the customer lives. This means that anyone who sells digital products online to customers in EU countries are now required to charge and account for EU VAT.

If I add a lot of patterns to your shoppng cart, I cannot view the whole basket or see the checkout button.

This is a known fault that affects some web browsers. If you are using a device or tablet, rotating it to portrait mode will allow you to view more/all of the cart. If you are using a laptop or PC, hold down the 'ctrl' key and scroll back or down on your mouse - this will expand the screen and you will be able to view the cart and the checkout button. Once you have checked out simply reverse the procedure back to your desired screen view size.

Can I buy your patterns without a PayPal account?

Yes, during the checkout process there is an option to 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card', you will see this underneath the PayPal login option.

How do I download and open a PDF file?

Once you've paid for your order through PayPal you will receive an email from downloads@ravelry.com containing a download link. Click on the link in the email and your computer should ask you where you would like the file to be saved. Once saved, you can open the pattern using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Should you need to install Adobe Reader, you can do so for FREE here.

I've lost my patterns, can they be resent?

If you can't find your knitting patterns from previous orders just let us know and they can be resent to you. Don't forget to give details of the patterns you purchased, the email address you used, your name and the date the patterns were purchased. However, if you purchased the pattern through LoveCrafts you'll need to contact their customer service department. 

Do you have any printed copies of your patterns?

Sorry I do not offer a printing service.

Can I sell toys made from your patterns?

I am happy for you to knit toys from my patterns to sell, either for charity or to make a little money for yourself, as long as this is not done on a large scale and I am given a credit as the designer. Indeed, I would like to encourage knitters to use my patterns for charity fundraising as that is why I became a designer in the first place. However, these patterns are intended for personal use only, so you are not permitted to sell the pattern itself.

Do you sell the finished knitted toys?

Sorry no, I cannot knit toys to order. I am a very slow knitter and most toys take me several days to make, so unfortunately I do not have the time as I'm always very busy working on the next new design.

Do you help if I have a query?

Yes of course, if it is related to one of my knitting patterns. You can contact me and I will endeavour to reply within 24 hours.

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